The Story of Bentley the Dog
by his Owner and Best Friend, Aleisha Perkins

I found Bentley when he was 8 years old, scared and anxiety ridden at the Ottawa humane society. I knew he was meant to be my dog because, I too, suffer from anxiety. I've always wanted a puppy and I always had the name Bentley in mind. He was a perfect fit.

It took awhile for Bentley to get used to his surroundings as he had been surrendered to the humane society at an old age. I knew Bentley had suffered some traumas in his past, as he was very protective of me, our house, and he took a long time to warm up to new people. I gave him total unconditional love and made sure he knew I would never leave him (If that's possible to let a dog know this; I often treat him like a human)! Bentley was soon used to our family and thrived in our loving household.

Unfortunately, with age came aches and pains and over this past year Bentley has struggled with his hind mobility. He is now on anti-inflammatory and nerve pain medication to help with his weakness. However, I still felt something was missing for his overall well-being.

I've always believed in complimentary and natural medicine so when my sister mentioned Reiki I decided to give it a try for Bentley. When Kelly arrived at our door for his first treatment, Bentley was very anxious, but within ten minutes of the treatment, he was laying on the couch completely relaxed.

Since having a few Reiki treatments, Bentley is more comfortable around new people and his anxiety has gone down quite a bit. I have also seen more comfort with his mobility and he is more peaceful. I love Bentley more than anything in this world. I am so happy to see him feeling better. Bentley and I share the fact that we have both been through challenges in our lives, which makes our bond special. I want to give him the best because that's what he deserves.

Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

Did you know the two entry points for Reiki are the top of the head (crown) and heart? Enjoy a visually healing Reiki meditation using these Reiki entry points.

Simply place your hands on the top of your head and heart, close your eyes and activate Reiki (repeat Reiki flow x3). Take three deep breaths.

On the inhale, visualize golden light healing energy entering your head and heart, flowing down to the Hara or Tanden (energetic storage area just below the navel). Picture the energy building up there.

Exhale slowly and start the visualization again. Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.

This exercise will boost your energy for the day while relaxing you at the same time! This is a great meditation for first thing in the morning. Enjoy! 

How to Stay Connected with Reiki: Tips for the Reiki Practitioner

Finding the Time!

We live in a busy, consuming world. There is no doubt about that. Sometimes it can be hard to find time for yourself. It can be even more difficult to find time to practice Reiki on yourself.   How can you fit Reiki into an already full daily schedule?

I recently watched a video by Dr. Mike Evans called 23 and 1/2 hours. The message I took from the video was to look at the whole day in a 24 hour period. If you could cut a 1/2 hour out of your 24 hour day, you will discover that you have 23 and 1/2 hours to do what you want, or have planned in that time. Even though the video talked about 1/2 hour of daily exercise, I applied the same concept to Reiki. The 1/2 hour set aside can be for your Reiki self-practice. That's it. 1/2 hour a day is all you need to begin staying connected with Reiki. The 5 principles of Reiki each start with 'Just for today', reminding us to take life one day at a time.

Interference Free!

It is important to avoid diversion so you can actually concentrate and relax during your self-treatment. Clearly state to potential visitors that you will be away for 1/2 an hour and turn off your mobile devices, especially electromagnetic frequencies, to decrease distraction. Get the most out of your 1/2 hour treatment with no interruptions.

Own Your Environment!

Lowering the lights, playing soft music, lighting a candle and using aromatherapy are some of the ways to create the perfect relaxing environment. Sending Reiki to the area where you will be self-treating is a great way to raise the surrounding vibrational level to ensure calmness.

Simple Meditation.

Before you start your self-treatment with Reiki, practice 5 minutes with Gassho. Taught by Usui Sensei, Gassho means “two hands coming together”.  Gassho focuses on quieting the mind by placing your hands in prayer position, closing your eyes, and bringing all your awareness to the tip of the middle finger.  If you find your mind wandering, gently press together your middle fingers and refocus.

Deep breathing encouraged!

Time to Heal, Comfortably!

No matter what position you decide to give your self-treatment in, make sure you are comfortable. If you are laying down, support your neck with a pillow or a rolled up towel. Support your low back by placing a pillow under your knees. When giving Reiki to your higher chakras, place a pillow on your chest to help elevate your arms. If you find your arms are getting tired, rest them in a neutral position until they are ready for the next chakra.

You Are Not Alone!

Ask for healing help during your self-treatment. Call for pure intentional healing guidance. The Universe is full of love, ready and waiting to assist you to achieve your healing goals with Reiki! Ask and you shall receive! 

Record your Reiki in a Reiki Journal

Have you ever wondered what else you can do with Reiki besides self treatment and treating other people? How about recording your experiences in a daily Reiki Journal?

Everything is made of energy, therefore, you can give Reiki to anything! Write down your experiences giving Reiki to water, food, plants, animals. It doesn't stop there!

What about giving Reiki to situations and relationships? Although you cannot change the past, you can change the way you feel about the decisions you've made, or the relationships you've had.

Giving Reiki and then writing about your experiences is very therapeutic and healing on its own. How did you feel before your Reiki session? How did that differ after your Reiki session? Write it down. Track your progress and you will be amazed! It is also comforting to re-visit your entries and see how Reiki has helped you change and transform.

Happy Reiki, happy writing!