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The day after my Reiki treatment with Kelly, I woke up feeling refreshed.  Reiki helps me relax, stay in tune with my body and gives me an energy boost.

- Vanessa P., Ottawa ON

Despite not understanding Reiki all that well, I asked Kelly for a treatment to help relieve stress and gain some momentum to move forward with some uncomfortable changes in my life. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable, and as the treatment progressed I could feel my energy shifting and a light sensation through my scalp then around my entire body. As we continue to work together, I’ve become more aware of where I am holding my energy and the patterns between my well-being and my actions in daily life. I plan to continue working with Kelly so I can continue on this path to recovery.

- Laura W., PhD, Perth ON

I chose to have a Reiki treatment to help alleviate some stress in my life due to work and personal relationships, as well as to increase my overall wellness. I'm very interested in natural treatments and practices, including yoga and meditation and Reiki seemed to align well with these.

At the beginning of the treatment, I felt it took very little time to get comfortable and for my body and mind to be receptive to the treatment. The setting was very calm and relaxing. During the treatment, I felt warm energy in the areas that were being focused on. I felt like my body could relax in those areas and overall. My mind was able to reach a meditative state, aware of my body but very calm. At some points, I may have drifted in and out of a light sleep.

After the practice, I felt very calm and refreshed. I felt like some of the heaviness and stress had been lifted. Kelly discussed with me where there might be some issues and what she saw during my treatment. These were good indications of what to focus on for my next treatment and other areas of practice.

Overall, I think Reiki is a wonderful addition to any practice of well-being and connectedness.

- Andrea M., Government Worker, Kitchener ON

I had been feeling quite tired and over-stressed from the typical demands of life. Being curious about Kelly's Reiki practice, I decided to book in a session with her. Wow, she has amazing healing hands! During the session I felt extremely calm and relaxed, it was like a wave of comfort came over me. I was able to fall into a semi-sleep/meditation state, yet I was fully aware of everything going on. I could feel a beautiful warm heat from her hands (although she was barely touching me!). The most amazing part was that I felt my third-eye chakra open up, and I felt a very strong universal connection to Love. At one point, it also felt like any 'negative' or bad energy was being pulled out of me through my legs - this was painless and gentle. Afterwards I felt very light and serene. I slept wonderfully that night, and I can't wait to see Kelly again!

- Dana S., Ottawa ON

I choose Reiki for both pain and stress. I had been in a car accident and was having trouble with neck and back pain. Also, I feel we can be more grounded in our own lives as we each suffer from different life stresses. During my treatment with Kelly I felt a sense of calming; a more positive inward connection to my body as opposed to denying the negative energy that I was creating. After the treatment I felt relaxed and re-energized. I felt in tune between my mind and body.

- Kelly K., B.Kin, BSc. Nursing, Canmore AB

I received a Reiki treatment from Kelly when I was suffering from stress and anxiety. I've always been a bit of a skeptic, but I figured desperate times called for desperate measures. During my treatment, I could feel a warm, calming energy from her hands that hovered over me. At one point, I felt a huge release, and tears started to stream from my eyes, although I wasn't crying in the true sense. When it was all said and done, I felt as though thoughts had been worked through and resolved, and my old friend tranquility finally came to pay me a visit. All the noise in my head became quieted. Now, if only I could carry a little Reiki practitioner around in my back pocket.

- Holly M. B.A., BEd., Toronto ON

I started doing Reiki with Kelly, in February of 2013, for overall wellness. Starting with my very first session, I felt an immediate sense of relaxation and general well-being both during and after my Reiki sessions. I now consider Reiki an integral part of my overall health plan and place great value in the energy healing benefits Kelly offers to me as my Reiki Master.

- Garry B., Ottawa ON

I chose to receive Reiki treatments from Kelly for her expertise, and her true gift of healing.  I needed support with the management of stress and to re-balance my energy after working in health care myself.  I felt rejuvenated and even experienced less pain in my shoulders after my treatments with Kelly.  I would fully recommend Kelly's services to anyone experiencing a wide variety of conditions, including pain, stress, and chronic conditions.

- Meighan V., ND, Windsor ON